The Milman Center

Treatment of children on the autism spectrum

The Milman Center was established in 1992 in Haifa, Israel. The Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Center has several branches in Haifa, including two therapy centers and a special needs kindergarten (ages 0–3). There is an additional therapy center in the town of Karmiel. In addition, the center offers private therapy sessions, an after school club for teenagers and home therapies.

One of the unique features of the Center, is its intensive parent-child therapy program with a psycho-developmental approach, placing the parents in the center of the therapeutic process which in turn aims to widen the range of the child’s development. The therapists co-work with the parents to develop the child’s motor, sensory and language skills, as well as social communication and emotional development skills. The parents are an essential element of the therapy process and receive continual supervision and emotional support from the Milman team throughout the program.

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The work of the Milman Center is based on multi-disciplinary teamwork. The team includes a pediatrician, psychologist, social worker, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, art and music therapist, physiotherapy and animal-assisted therapies. Multi-disciplinary work allows a holistic understanding of the child and the family needs and it enables the team to follow the therapeutic processes across a wide range of setting sand therapies.

Another unique approach from the Milman Center is the fact that the therapeutic environment is not limited to the therapy room only. The Milman center offers a wide range of opportunities for families to meet and for children to be in natural yet supported social situations with other children.

Milman Center Association is non-profit parent's organization that was founded under the former name – Netzer Association. We are active in the Israeli Knesset committees, in High Court of Justice and take part in many forums on the national and municipal levels.

The Milman Center is only partly funded by the National Health Authority and Social Services and also has to rely on parental contributions and public donations. We are very grateful for the support we receive from our major donors and supporters.

We need your help in order to continue, improve and expand our services to increasing number of children autism spectrum disorder.

Information for donations

If you are interested in supporting the Milman Center, please use one of following ways for donating:

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If you wish to find out more about how you can get involved, please contact us:
Tel: +972-4-8715233

Bank transfer

Beneficiary’s name: Milman Center

IBAN: IL440108820000020257527


Bank Name: Bank Leumi

Bank Number: 10

Branch Name: Neve Shaanan

Branch Number: 882

Account Number: 202575/27

Beneficiary’s address: 34 Hativat Carmeli St.,
P.O.B 3371 Haifa, 3103301 Israel.

Beneficiary’s address: 34 Hativat Carmeli St., P.O.B 3371 Haifa, 3103301 Israel.